Tudor Pelagos

Tudor_PelagosWhilst on the hunt this for watches this week, I came across the Tudor Pelagos.

Available on a rubber strap or stainless steel bracelet, the Pelagos is a very handsome watch with a titanium body.

As is typcial to Tudor, the watch looks very understated. Priced at about $4000,  I have two problems when I look at buying one. I like the Tudor Monte Carlo which is a re-edition of the Monte Carlo that was available in the 60’s and they are both similarly priced. Secondly, I have this mental handicap when it comes to paying so much for a watch with an ETA movement.

From a style perspective, I would choose the Pelagos over any run-of the mill Rolex Submariner that every man-and-his-dog owns. I am interested to see how popular these watches become.

PS. The links takes you to Tudor’s website. Always seen as the little brother of Rolex, I think Tudor has reinvented itself extremely well.

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