Rolex Explorer I

IWC_ingineurWent watch shopping with DS this week.

Looked at Omega’s, IWC’s BUT surprisingly we ended up with a Rolex. I say surprisingly because we were ‘set’ on an IWC Ingenieur but when compared side-by-side from a style and value perspective, the Rolex Explorer came up tops.

We were looking at the 40mm Ingenieur that was just released this year. Nice understated watch but it was powered by a modified ETA movement. According to Andy at the IWC Boutique at MBS in Singapore, this is to keep prices lower. Like I mentioned in previous posts, I have this mental handicap paying so much for a watch with an ETA movement. I have always had this thing for Sandoz watches and most of them are powered by ETA movements and costs less than $300 so paying the $6200 for an ETA powered Ingenieur is an issue with me.

ExplorerIOnce we had decided on the Explorer, we next had to decide if we would go new or previously owned. Service at the Rolex Boutique at Marina Bay Sands in Singapore was appalling. This and the fact that they and a Rolex dealer in Chinatown did not have any new Explorer’s in stock meant we had to look at previously owned models.

This is where it got interesting. A new Explorer sells for about $6000. Peng Kwee was asking $5600, KB Watch $5440 and in the end we got an excellent cash deal from Chuan Watch for $4880. All the watches we looked at were about 2 years old with box and papers so we were comparing apples-to-apples. Paying almost 20% under new prices for a watch that is about 2 years old, in mint condition from a premium dealer is a good deal any day of the week and more importantly, take your time and shop around for the best possible deal.

DS- I hope you enjoy your new watch!

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  1. Hi Ray,

    I am looking for my first nice watch and am considering two watches. The new oyster perpetual 39mm in grey rhodium and the rolex explorer 1 39mm. Which do you think would be a better buy considering both use the same 3132 movement.

    I am unsure about getting the Explorer as it is already five years old(compared to the newly released oyster perpetual) and wondering if it could be refreshed sometime soon. I am also not sure if I should go brand new or pre-owned due to the new extended 5 year warranty.

    For your info, the oyster perpetual 39mm costs S$7000 from a local ad and 6200 from overseas ad. The explorer costs S$8500 from local ad and 7500 from overseas ad. A preowned one would cost around 6000. Which do you think would be the most value for money? Would love to hear if you have any other watch recommendations too that are similarly robust and can be put on a nato strap for daily use.

    Hope to hear from you soon!

    • Andrew,

      Firstly apologies for the delay in responding.

      I would go for the Explorer. Aside from them holding the re-sale value better, I prefer the more sporty look that will also look good in a formal occasion and I would also recommend going for a pre-owned one with full box and papers as there is very little or nothing different between the new and the pre-owned one.

      Let me know how it goes.


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