Timex in Cambodia

Timex_CaribinerWent quad biking in Cambodia recently and instead of using the Luminox we used in Vietnam or some other sports watch, we decided to go for an old and trusted friend – this Timex, shaped like a caribiner.

Quad Bike


We have been sorely disappointed with the Luminox and sold it a few weeks ago. Also, the weather in Siem Reap in May was close to 40 degrees and I could not think of a comfortable watch I could wear in the heat and that could stand up to the abuse.

We bought this Timex for about $35 years ago and we have owned a couple of other Timex’s in the past. When I was growing up in the 70’s Timex watches were quite popular but the brand has faced stiff competition from mainly Japanese brands and is not as popular anymore although you see them for sale everywhere.

timex expeditionThe last Timex I owned was a Timex Expedition like the one in this picture. I used it when travelling in India for a couple of weeks in 2009. It worked well enough and the built in compass (like those found on Tissot T-Touch watches) was a nice touch but as you get older, it gets harder to read the time on some analogue watches. That was the problem with the Timex and so I sold it shortly after my trip for 25% less than the $160 I paid for it when I bought it used from Tootokei.

The ride was decent enough but nowhere near as good as the recent experience we had in Vietnam. Quad Adventure Cambodia in Siem Reap is one of two providers in Siem Reap. It is run by a Frenchman. Compared to what you get and pay for in the rest of Asia, I would choose to go riding somewhere else.

Comparatively, prices are exorbitant. The guides (we had two) spoke little English and could not or did not tell us anything at all about the places we were visiting along the way.

Underaged_kidsThe World Leather Chamnab Model Crocodile Farm was the first place we stopped at. It was a shocker! The kids who showed us around were less than 10 years old. The place was filthy and poorly managed and I saw about 200 deformed crocodiles that were simply being bred for their skins!

Avoid this place at all costs!

The last place we stopped at was a Camobdian Army shooting range. Like the Quad Biking, if you can do this anywhere else in Asia – DO IT! It costs $50 for a 30 round magazine. They advertised that they had handguns for rent but none were available. One highlight though is that it is one of the last places in the world where you can fire an RPG – and for an additional $200 they provide a live cow for you to aim at!

Everything additional on the trip had to be paid for and because we were not told this up front and our guides or the owner did not tell us specifically what we would be doing or where we would be going wondering what was going to happen next spoiled the overall riding and touring adventure in rural Cambodia.

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