Sandoz Jumbo

Sandoz SubmarinerRegular readers will know that I like Sandoz Submariners as daily wear watches and that I bought a few when I was in Hong Kong earlier this year.

The one I bought for myself was ‘hijacked’ by Josh. He likes it so much that he told me on Sunday that he is thinking of giving me back the Rolex I gave him a few years ago as he prefers to wear the Sandoz instead!

I even gave Josh the choice of taking one of my Rolex Submariners instead of the Sandoz but the ever practical and not so status concious Josh, chose the Sandoz instead. Just re-inforces the point that they make great daily wear watches that are reliable and which you do not have to worry about too much.

Got one for my riding buddy Craig as well and this is a picture of it on his wrist – with his BMW bike in the background all ready for another ride!

Craig and his Sandoz Jumbo
Craig and his Sandoz Jumbo


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  1. hi – enjoyed going through your website – i would love to buy the sandoz jumbo, but am based in india and it is impossible to get here – could you let me know of anywhere i could buy it online – any help would be appreciated – thank you and best regards – homi.

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