Vintage watches getting hard to find.

Met Nicholas in Kuala Lumpur recently and I noticed almost immediately that he appeared to be wearing a vintage watch. I was not 100% sure as there are a lot of newer watches these days that look vintage. Also, Nicholas is in his mid 20’s and the trend today is to wear bigger or chunkier watches.

When I asked Nicholas about it, I was pleasantly surprised to see that it was indeed a vintage Omega from the 60’s.

We have exchanged a couple of emails since then and he has pointed me to where he bought his watch –

I was in Melbourne earlier this week and also caught up with Franc and Andrew and we started talking about Uccello watches in Melbourne. Franc wanted some work done on his moonwatch and they specialises in Vintage watches. You can find their online store on ebay. Aside from sales, Uccello also does repairs and polishing – and by Australian standards, prices are quite reasonable.

Coincidentally, I was also in a meeting with a younger chap named James and he was wearing his grandfathers Omega Dynamic. I have always found them to be a bit quirky and have not had much luck with them. Perhaps a topic for a blog post sometime in the future.

I met Timothy in Singapore yesterday, and he mentioned as well that he is quite interested in vintage watches.

I have been seeing more and more of this recently i.e. quite a few people are interested in Vintage watches BUT I am also finding that good examples, at reasonable prices are getting harder and harder to find.

In one of my very first posts on this blog exactly two years ago, I mentioned that an antique Omega Seamaster is what started me on this journey. I bought the watch for $140 and it was in pristine condition. Sold it for almost double the price and have not looked back since. Today I can’t seem to find anything for less than $500 and many of the dealers I have known over the years are either selling newer watches or started selling fakes or frankenstein watches.

What am I ranting on about?

(i) Good vintage watches are getting harder and harder to find and prices are going up as more people seem to be interested in actually owning and wearing one.

(ii) Be careful of fakes or frankenstein watches or watches that simply cost too much to restore to “good” or 8/10 condition. Unless you really know where to get things done on the cheap, these watches can be a ‘money pit’.

(iii) If you have any questions or if you are looking for a particular watch, let me know. More than happy to help.


Alex just sent me a link to Sydney Vintage Watch – Prices are at least 30 – 40% higher than what you would pay in Singapore, Hong Kong or Japan and a whole bunch of other countries in Asia but if you do not travel abroad much, they look like a decent alternative

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