Rolex “Terms” or “Terminology”

A friend of mine if looking for a Rolex with a MOP (Mother of Pearl) dial and keeps referring to it as an Oyster – as it does look like the inside of a polished Oyster shell. Another friend is looking for a Rolex watch but gets confused with the 3 main bracelet designs – Oyster, President and Jubilee. This got me to thinking that it might be a good idea to try and help clarify some of the terms people (and Rolex) use when referring to these very popular watches.

Oyster means weatherproof.

Perpetual stands for self-winding.

6694Precision originally meant manual wind. Rolex does not make manual wind watches anymore and perhaps the most popular model in this range was the 6694. These watches are still quite popular today and I bought one as a gift a couple of months ago for about $1100. My first Rolex, that my Dad gave me when I was 7 years old was a manual winding Rolex that still keeps perfect time today!

Chronometer simply means a good time keeper.

Officially Certified: refers to COSC certification and such movements are normally serialised.

Superlative is supposed to mean ‘of the greatest quality’, but as in the case of all mechanical watches, it is just an exaggerated mode of expression.

Mercedes hands – the Sports models of Rolex watches like the Explorer, Submariner and Sea-Dweller range have hour hands that appear to have a Mercedes Benz logo on their ends, hence the name.

Oyster Bracelet – Are my favourite type of Rolex bracelet. introduced in 1947, the 6694 and Explorer I pictured in this post sport these bracelets.

jubileeJubilee Bracelet – Introduced in 1960, this is the more popular design amongst older Rolex users. When I was growing up in Singapore in the 70’s and 80’s, having a half gold Rolex with a Jubilee bracelet was the epitome of style and status :).



presidentPresident Bracelet – at first glance they look similar to the Jubilee but each link is made up of only 3 pieces, similar to that of the Oyster albeit much smaller. These bracelets are normally seen on the flagship Solid Gold and Platinum range of Rolex watches.

These are just some of the terms I could think of and thought readers might be interested to know more about. If you have any corrections, suggestions or request for other terms, please do not hesitate to let me know.


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