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I get requests all the time on where to send watches for repair or servicing and I have either off line or online recommended a number of places to go to. In the lifetime of this blog however I have never recommended Lee Teo Heng Watch located in Tanjong Pagar Plaza in Singapore.

Mr Lee is probably the chap who sealed my fate as a ‘watch nut’. I bought a gold filled Titus off ebay years ago that was not working and whose gold plated case was so worn that most of the gold-fill had worn through to the stainless steel base.

This watch had (i) a new gold expandable strap fitted, (ii) complete overhaul, (iii) new crystal fitted and (iv) case re-dipped in gold by a proper Goldsmith’s shop for less than $70. I was at the time quite surprised at how little it cost and thought to myself WOW, if I can get Swiss watches repaired for so little and to such excellent quality I could make a mint doing this.

Mr Lee quickly brought me down to earth. He and his wife explained to me in Mandarin that they were only doing this for such a low price as they wanted to encourage people like me to keep using classic watches and hence the “introductory price”.

Over the years, I have never brought any of my friends who go watch hunting with me to Lee Teo Heng. He does not trade in old watches, has a pretty dismal display of new watches for sale and if you need a new strap or battery replaced, you can get this done somewhere else.

Whenever I have wanted a watch movement repaired to perfection, Lee Teo Heng has been the place i go to. Every piece he has repaired (and that I still own) has been ticking away without missing a beat for at least 5 years. Hands down, without reservation, he is the Best Watchmaker I have met in my travels all over the Asia Pacific region. Truly an expert and part of a dying trade of craftsman.

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  1. Dear Ray, Love your blog! I wonder if you could recommend any reasonably priced but good quality watch repair shop in Hong Kong? I have a few older watches in need of service/repair and the few jewellers I have asked here always quote ridiculous costs and just want to replace the mechanism when I’m sure it just needs a little TLC in the hands of a suitably skilled professional. Thanks in advance for your response. Cheers, Michael

  2. Ray,
    You kindly pointed me in the direction of Unique Time last year, but I never got around to taking my 1974 Felca Seascoper III in to be repaired. I rechecked your blog and saw this post! Suffice to say, I took it in to Tanjong Pagar Plaza just a few minutes ago. The gentleman was very helpful, although he was having trouble removing the case back!I hope they can fix the watch…it would be great to get it going after 20 over years of being broken!

    • Steve,

      Thanks for keeping me updated.

      Please let me know how it turns out and if you can take some pictures and send this across to me, that would be great.


      • Ray
        Just to keep you up to date, after a couple of hours with some lubricant they got the watch open…movement was rusted (my father was a Navy diver and took it too deep 25+ years ago)…but they will completely overhaul the movement, new stem (snapped), and get it working…will send you some photos when I get it back in a couple of weeks.

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