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I have been pretty quiet lately but that does not mean I have not been busy working on watch ‘projects’. Infact, I have 5 projects that I am working on and this is a little unusual as I seldom have so many projects running at the same time.

Have a Bell & Ross Vintage that is in the midst of getting polished at Tootkei, after coming back from the agent in Singapore, FJ Benjamin. Josh has already said he would like to have it so it’s his as soon as I get it back. Have a 50’s sub second Omega that is getting a new crystal and serial number check and a little investigation into it’s history for DS, a 60’s Pronto that needs a new second hand and crystal, a Chopard Mille Miglia that needs the date stem repaired for Dick and another 70’s tuning fork Omega that belongs to Safian – which I have been trying to get repaired for almost two years. (Also, buying and selling a couple of other watches but I will save that for another post).

This last watch leads me to the topic of this post. I was driving down Parramatta Road in Sydney at close to midnight a few weeks ago and saw this shop front that advertised a watchmaker. Not sure how I have missed this shop before as I used to drive past it every day on the way to work and I often have dinner a stone’s thorw away at Frank’s Pizza. I promptly went back there the next day and met the owner of the business – Scott of Just A Sec.

Spent quite some time talking to Scott who runs the business with help from his mother. It was a pleasure talking to him and I really appreciated his openness and willingness to share information about himself and watchmaking in general. During the conversation I mentioned the tuning fork Omega. Scott has agreed to look at the watch and let me know if he has the parts to repair it and how much it would cost.

One of the great things about Just A Sec is that they provide appraisals on repairs without cost – unlike some watchmakers I know. I am going to send the watch to Just A Sec and hopefully they will be able to help me out.

Aside from the link above, this is a scanned copy of their business card with more information.


Stay tuned for an update on how this pans out as well as updated on the other watch I am currently working on šŸ™‚

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