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Back after a short break

July 28, 2014 Ray 2

Just wanted to say a BIG thank you to all the subscribers and followers of this blog who sent me an email when they saw that the site was down. I was pleasantly surprised that so many people noticed. We were ‘off the air’ for a month but are now back in full swing. If you have a question that you sent me which I failed to respond to, my apologies. Please re-send it to me and I will respond ASAP! Thank you once again for your support!

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Watch this space

April 30, 2014 Ray 2

This is my only entry for April and it is basically a quick update. I have not included any new posts as I have been busy with work but I will over the next couple of days have an update on a complete rebuild of a Rolex 6694 and a number of watches that are available for purchase – including an IWC for less than $500 and a Mido Commander for less than $150. The latter will be a good vintage “starter” watch. Robust enough to be a daily wear timepiece and able to be fully serviced for about $50 Read More

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We’ve just turned 2

June 20, 2013 Ray 0

The wife suggested we start this blog a couple of years ago and I just realised that we are now 2 years old! Thanks for reading this blog and PLEASE KEEP THOSE QUESTIONS AND COMMENTS COMING!

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Vintage watches getting hard to find.

June 7, 2013 Ray 0

Met Nicholas in Kuala Lumpur recently and I noticed almost immediately that he appeared to be wearing a vintage watch. I was not 100% sure as there are a lot of newer watches these days that look vintage. Also, Nicholas is in his mid 20’s and the trend today is to wear bigger or chunkier watches. When I asked Nicholas about it, I was pleasantly surprised to see that it was indeed a vintage Omega from the 60’s. We have exchanged a couple of emails since then and he has pointed me to where he bought his watch – I Read More

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Omega Moonwatch – Going up in value

January 4, 2013 Ray 1

I have had this love for Moonwatches ever since I saw this French 🙁 chap riding a vintage Vespa scooter in Saigon, wearing a Cal 861 with a NATO strap in 2003 or 2004. It was the monsoon season and it was coming down on sheets. I was standing in front of this little stall that sold second hand watches on Dong Khoi Street run by a guy named Hien. We later got to know each other quite well – given that I have bought more than 100 watches from him over the years. The stall is no longer there Read More

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Vietnam – Day 5

January 1, 2013 Ray 1

We were supposed to stop for the night in Cao Bang but rode an extra few kilometres so that we could be as close to Halong Bay as possible, since we needed to be on the dock by 12.30 hours. Spent the night in a non descript hotel which was comfortable enough. Nothing going on in the town but the local restaurent where we had our dinner and breakfast was clean and served really good food. When Craig, Josh and I stepped out of the hotel that morning on the way to breakfast, this brand new and spotlessly clean Rolls Read More

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Vietnam – Day 4

December 31, 2012 Ray 0

Day 4 and based on the excellent time we had yesterday, we were looking forward to another glorious day of riding to the Chinese Border crossing in Long San. The last 3 days had been an adventure and every day was different from the one before so we were not sure what would happen today.   The weather was co-operating and sometimes we almost felt warm as we rode on roads that could easily qualify for the IRT (Ice Road Truckers) series on TV. Shortly after  we left Cao Bang, the roads went from poor to horrible in a matter Read More

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Vietnam – Day 3

December 30, 2012 Ray 0

We all started the day a little apprehensively. We started out early as none of us wanted a repeat of the previous day where we had to ride in drizzle (that caused a muddy spray that messed up your visors or glasses) and riding in darkness. The scenery was great, the temperature was nice and cool and we met a lot of friendly people along the way who waved and shouted ‘HELLO’ to us as we rode past in convoy. We stopped at this house for tea and met this guy whom Al said was more crazy than I was. Read More

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Vietnam – Day 2, Part 2/2

December 30, 2012 Ray 0

Within a few minutes of our having set out from Babe, it started to drizzle and we started climbing some pretty steep hills with bad roads and a lot of heavy vehicles – mainly fully loaded trucks. Craig was really felling the pain as he enjoyed the rice wine a little too much the night before and was paying for it today. As anyone who has travelled in Vietnam will tell you, large vehicles like trucks and buses drive with little regard for pedestrians and smaller vehicles like motorcycles. To compound the situation, there was a lot of traffic today Read More

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Vietnam – Day 2, Part 1/2

December 23, 2012 Ray 0

After a good evening and good night’s sleep, little did we know that today was going to be the toughest day of the trip. Morning started out slow with a trip to the caves on Babe Lake. The following are some pictures with captions of an interesting enough trip to the caves and back. The two main sources of income on Babe Lake are fishing and growing rice. Running homestays for locals and foreigners is also starting to become popular.   Like I mentioned at the start of this post is the fact that Babe Lake is not overrun by Read More

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