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Chopard – Don’t be d__k

September 23, 2013 Ray 0

If you subscribe to this blog you would have seen the post about the Chopard watch project I was helping Dick with. Watch was repaired and within seconds of handing it back to Dick, the quickset date function stopped working. Brought it back to Unique Time for him to look at and he confirmed what I suspected i.e. that Dick had tried to set the date between 9 and 3 o’clock. For those of you with automatic watches with day or day / date functions, please DO NOT try and set the date or day between 9 and 3 o’clock. Read More

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Chopard Mille Miglia

September 10, 2013 Ray 4

Just completed another project watch. Dick’s Mille Miglia date setting was broken and he could not change the date on it. Got the gear replaced and lightly oiled and it is now working fine. Per this picture, it is running at +6 seconds per day. Whilst this is not ‘good’ for a COSC certified chronometer, I think it is acceptable given that the watch is not worn every day. I have had this date setting problem occur in other watches with ETA movements before. To help avoid this happening to your watch, two of the things you should do are: Read More

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Omega Cal 265 – subsecond

September 4, 2013 Ray 0

Another ‘project’ watch I have had the chance to be involved in, is this very well presented, vintage Cal 265 Omega that was an heirloom given to DS by his uncle. The picture does not do it credit as I just got an iphone a couple of days ago and am learning how to take pictures with it. If you look closely and if you are familiar with watches from that era, you will be able to discern that the face and hands have been expertly re-furbished or replaced at some point in the last decade or so. There are Read More

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Pronto Watch

September 4, 2013 Ray 17

The original Pronto watch company was established in the famous Jahre region of Switzerland in 1890. It was one of the Swiss brands that could not recover from the Quartz watch onslaught in the 70’s and finally ceased operations in 2000 when it was sold to Stelux Holdings. Stelux is a Hong Kong based company and also owns the Universal Geneve, Cyma and Solvil et Titus brands and either have the same ownership or a close business tie-up with the City Chain group who carry these brands in their outlets. These brands may still have similar Quality and build as Read More

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Vintage Watch Specialist – Tiong Bahru Market

September 2, 2013 Ray 2

I was chatting to my colleague Desmond and noticed that he was wearing a gold-fill ENICAR watch. Always liked ENICAR’s and I have been on the lookout for a decently priced Enicar Sherpa for years. Those that I have found in my price range have had pretty banged up bezels, which I think are impossible to replace given that the watches were not that popular. The Sherpa was named after the 1956 Swiss Himalayan expedition to Everest which relied on Enicar timepieces. Many say that Enicar was the first watch ever to have been taken to the top of Everest and not Read More

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Just A Sec

September 2, 2013 Ray 3

I have been pretty quiet lately but that does not mean I have not been busy working on watch ‘projects’. Infact, I have 5 projects that I am working on and this is a little unusual as I seldom have so many projects running at the same time. Have a Bell & Ross Vintage that is in the midst of getting polished at Tootkei, after coming back from the agent in Singapore, FJ Benjamin. Josh has already said he would like to have it so it’s his as soon as I get it back. Have a 50’s sub second Omega Read More

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Can you ‘re-lume’ a tritium dial and hands?

August 27, 2013 Ray 0

Have been exchanging some very interesting emails with Robert who sent me this message in early July. I have a Tudor Submariner which I bought 30 years ago. The Tritium Luminous dial / hands no longer show and I was wondering whether an independent watchmaker could re-lume the watch with Tritium. I work at night in dark confined spaces and need to know the time often – Tritium luminous hands would be handy even if I can just make out the time.    Any suggestions you may have would be appreciated. Yes, you can re-lume a tritium dial and hands Read More

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Best watchmaker I know

July 26, 2013 Ray 5

I get requests all the time on where to send watches for repair or servicing and I have either off line or online recommended a number of places to go to. In the lifetime of this blog however I have never recommended Lee Teo Heng Watch located in Tanjong Pagar Plaza in Singapore. Mr Lee is probably the chap who sealed my fate as a ‘watch nut’. I bought a gold filled Titus off ebay years ago that was not working and whose gold plated case was so worn that most of the gold-fill had worn through to the stainless Read More

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We’ve just turned 2

June 20, 2013 Ray 0

The wife suggested we start this blog a couple of years ago and I just realised that we are now 2 years old! Thanks for reading this blog and PLEASE KEEP THOSE QUESTIONS AND COMMENTS COMING!

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Vintage watches getting hard to find.

June 7, 2013 Ray 0

Met Nicholas in Kuala Lumpur recently and I noticed almost immediately that he appeared to be wearing a vintage watch. I was not 100% sure as there are a lot of newer watches these days that look vintage. Also, Nicholas is in his mid 20’s and the trend today is to wear bigger or chunkier watches. When I asked Nicholas about it, I was pleasantly surprised to see that it was indeed a vintage Omega from the 60’s. We have exchanged a couple of emails since then and he has pointed me to where he bought his watch – I Read More

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