3 Bambinos

February 10, 2017 Ray 0

Most readers would be aware that I have always found Orient Bambinos to be great value for money Simple, classic design with a pretty decent automatic movement that ages well. In my opinion, there are very few other watches that one can get for under $200 that ticks so many boxes and many of my friends have over time acquired one – based on my recommendation of course. It was quite a happy coincidence when I turned up to work one day and where 3 of us were wearing our Bambinos. The Thai version commemorating 20 years of Orient watches Read More

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Farewell 2016

January 2, 2017 Ray 3

I have not been blogging as much this year as I have in previous years. This is mainly due to work commitments and a new hobby. There are also two other reasons why I have not been as actively in 2016. The first reason is “rude” people. Since writing the post, “Where to buy a watch in Singapore” I have received more than 400 requests for assistance on where to buy a watch, what model to buy or where to get a watch repaired. I have tried to answer these in a timely manner and only asked for one thing Read More

Dietrich Watches

August 27, 2016 Ray 0

I almost titled this post “I Finally Got Rid of It“. I bought this Dietrich late last year and after about 6 months I decided to sell it off. Aesthetically, the watch is quite eye catching and I was thinking of buying one ever since I saw one displayed in a shop in Jakarta in 2014. It was one of the rare occasions I bought a watch brand new and from day 1 I was just never really comfortable wearing one. The Miyota movement feels cheap and ‘loose’ every time you adjust or set the time. The 24mm strap is Read More

Crown & Buckle Watch Straps

May 29, 2016 Ray 0

I was just today sent the link for this watch strap company that is based in Florida. According to their website, Crown & Buckle is an online watch strap store offering custom-styled, high-quality nylon and genuine leather straps. Prices for their ‘regular’ NATO and leather straps are very competitive and their Black Label, American Made and Collaboration lines are a little pricier but still appear to represent good value. I have not bought anything from them as yet but plan o do so very soon. If any readers have any feedback on them, please do not hesitate to share it Read More

Favre Leuba Sea Chief

May 5, 2016 Ray 0

Not sure if I have blogged about this before but the first watch I bought when I seriously stared collecting watches was a Favre Leuba Sea King that I bought off ebay for less than $10. A few hundred watches later, I still like the Favre Leuba brand name and I sometimes wonder why no one has bought and re-launched the brand along the lines of what has happened to Titus, Pronto, Camy, Titoni and many other brands. Most Favre Leuba watches that I see on sale come from India (and that may have something to do with why the brand has Read More

An improvised Watch Box

May 2, 2016 Ray 2

Have not posted anything for months. Part of the reason has been because I am busy but it is also because I don’t like the new look of this site and so I have been less ‘motivated’ to post anything. In January, Word Press did an update and the old site had to be “upgraded” but it just does not look and ‘feel’ the same – or as good. Anyway I hope it is just me and readers still find the site useful. Just because I have not been posting anything, it does not mean that I have not been Read More

The WATCH to get for 2016!

January 3, 2016 Ray 2

I heard this the other day as a suggested New Year’s resolution and thought it was quite good. Watch your Words as these normally accompany your Actions which belie your Thoughts which indelibly are part of your Character which if repeated become a Habit – good or bad. This WATCH will control your Destiny, here or in the thereafter. Easier said than done (for me at least) but I find this to be good advice and will at least think about it. In the meantime, I wish every reader a wonderful 2016!

What Should I buy (Part 2)

November 29, 2015 Ray 6

Ronald contacted me earlier this month and said he was looking for a watch in the $1100 range. Very happy to hear from him a few days later saying that he picked up this very nice looking Tag Heuer Carrera from Ken’s Vintage Watch. Looks nice and I hope he enjoy’s it for many years to come. Like I have said a few times on this blog. If you like what you see and the price is right, Go For It! There are loads of different watches out there and everyone’s taste is different. As long as you like what Read More


November 29, 2015 Ray 2

Had a colleague staying at Park Hotel in Alexandra and we ended up walking around the new mall beside it after dinner and stumbled across Watch Fusion on the second floor. Melvin seems to be off to a slow but steady start and I hope to be able to support him in the near future. Always happy to see someone ‘new’ on the watch scene and we wish Melvin every success in his new venture! (Can anyone tell me what NKOTB stands for?) 🙂

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What Should I buy?

November 29, 2015 Ray 0

The two most common questions I get asked by readers is what watch should I buy and where should I buy it. Obviously, there is no hard and fast rule. A lot depends on your budget, where you live and your “reasons” for buying a watch. I received this email from Andrew: Hi Ray, I am looking for my first nice watch and am considering two watches. The new oyster perpetual 39mm in grey rhodium and the rolex explorer 1 39mm. Which do you think would be a better buy considering both use the same 3132 movement. I am unsure Read More

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