November 29, 2015 Ray 2

Had a colleague staying at Park Hotel in Alexandra and we ended up walking around the new mall beside it after dinner and stumbled across Watch Fusion on the second floor. Melvin seems to be off to a slow but steady start and I hope to be able to support him in the near future. Always happy to see someone ‘new’ on the watch scene and we wish Melvin every success in his new venture! (Can anyone tell me what NKOTB stands for?) 🙂

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What Should I buy?

November 29, 2015 Ray 0

The two most common questions I get asked by readers is what watch should I buy and where should I buy it. Obviously, there is no hard and fast rule. A lot depends on your budget, where you live and your “reasons” for buying a watch. I received this email from Andrew: Hi Ray, I am looking for my first nice watch and am considering two watches. The new oyster perpetual 39mm in grey rhodium and the rolex explorer 1 39mm. Which do you think would be a better buy considering both use the same 3132 movement. I am unsure Read More

Orient Crown Watch Winders

August 30, 2015 Ray 2

I was walking around Marina Bay Sands a couple of months ago and came across this very professional display area by Orient Crown. It was the last day they were going to be there and they had some fairly decent offers. If you have been following my blog, I am not really a fan of watch winders. Then again, I do not really own any high end watches and only service my watches when they stop working or keeping accurate time. Some of the reasons why I do not use watch winders are: (1) Costs. I have close to 40 Read More

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Superchrono.com at Sim Lim Square

August 23, 2015 Ray 0

Dropped in to superchrono a few days ago to get some watch straps and was pleasantly surprised to see that they have launched their own brand of watch. Good for them! Have bought a few watches, straps and accessories from them over the years and despite their “lacklustre” reputation on-line, I have always found their prices to be fair and had no issues when dealing with them. It looks like they lost the domain name to their website and you can now find them at Superchrono or this site that appears to be a WIP. Not sure why there are Read More

A surprise find…

July 27, 2015 Ray 0

After more than a year I found myself visiting my favourite watch haunts in Singapore last week. I have written about Ken’s Vintage Watch before but I have not been there in almost two years. We walked in last Friday and the place was like a market. Business seemed to be thriving. Aside from the treasure trove of new and old and not so old watches, Ken had three tubs filled with NOS and previously owned watches that he was selling at $15 each. In one tub were old Seiko’s and Citizens but in another were these NOS Golet, Parco Read More

How often should I service my automatic / mechanical watch

July 26, 2015 Ray 4

I got this boy size Rolex watch from my Dad, 39 years ago! When I got it, the watch was already more than 10 years old and it needed a new crystal and was not keeping time. My Dad had it repaired (for a princely sum in those days) and gave it to me as a birthday present. I used the watch regularly when I was in primary and secondary school and in the 70’s and 80’s it was very unusual for a kid my age to wear a Rolex watch to school. Many people thought it was a fake Read More

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Where can I get my watch repaired cheap?

July 20, 2015 Ray 9

Jamie one of the readers of this blog sent me this post a few weeks back. Because of my new job, not only have I not been posting on the blog regularly, I have also been delinquent in responding to queries from readers of this blog. Sorry. Hi Ray, Stumbled across your blog and am finding it extremely interesting! I picked up an old Seiko 5 at an overseas flea market recently, with 7009 movement and Spanish/English days. Unfortunately it is in pretty bad shape, with scratches and faded lumens. Would like to ask you for some recommendations on where Read More

Counterfeit Watches vs Tribute Watches

July 20, 2015 Ray 1

It was reported in the Singapore Straits Times today that the sale of counterfeit watches is on the rise. Personally I am NOT a fan of fake products, but to each their own. Counterfeit watches or fakes should not be confused with tribute watches. Tribute watches are watches that look like a particular, more expensive watch but does not try to pass itself off as one i.e. the dial does not have the name or logo of the watch brand on it and the buyer clearly knows that whilst the watch they are buying closely resembles the “real” thing, it Read More

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Watch modding

June 1, 2015 Ray 2

Simon introduced me to “watch modding” a few months ago. This is a trend that is gaining popularity amongst watch aficionados. The most popular model to mod is the Seiko SKX007 like the one you see in this picture but you can mod any number of different Seiko models. This watch shown here has been modified very slightly and was actually purchased that way. It’s bezel has been changed from black to a dark blue and has a 22mm NATO strap from Superchrono.com You can mod other watch brands as well but none are as popular as Seiko. I think Read More

Orient Bambino SG50

June 1, 2015 Ray 4

We all know I like Orient watches. I was at a regular watch haunt on Saturday the 23rd of May and saw these Orient SG50 watches for sale. I considered buying them but dismissed the idea as I already had the one I bought in Thailand a few months ago and I was not really in the market for a new watch. The next day, on Sunday morning, Simon, another buddy and a couple of readers of this blog sent me messages asking me about these watches. Seeing heaps on them for sale the day before I said, “don’t worry, Read More

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