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Buying Previously Owned or 2nd Hand Watches

July 18, 2011 Ray 0

I am sure many of us have browsed ebay and been tempted to buy a watch that is on sale. Alternatively, we could have come across a shop somewhere that was selling used or 2nd Hand watches. As a novice, we would definitely be concerned about the authenticity of the watch on sale and the last thing any of us want is to find out that a watch that we thought we were getting a good deal on was a fake! If I find that I am interested in buying the watch on offer, my first step would be to Read More

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A Good Watch for $500.00

July 5, 2011 Ray 1

My buddy Clarence, asked me a couple of weeks ago if he could find a good watch for under $500. If you are looking at something previosuly owned, that are quite a few watches availble for that money but if you want something new, I think that is a very short list. Over the next few posts, I will be adding watches that I think are a good deal for that money and if you have a recommendation or favorite to add to that list, I hope you will share your comments. NEW Tissot T-Touch Navigator 300 – Less than Read More

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Serial Numbers

July 5, 2011 Ray 0

Many of us buy watches and are curious to know how old they are or would like to have some idea of their pedigree or provenance. This is not always easy especially for less expensive brands. Needless to say if you have a watch with good documentation, they command better prices at the time of resale. Serial numbers, photos, detailed descriptions including receipts, guarantee cards and service records all add to the provenance and are essential items some more serious collectors look for when considering buying a timepiece. If you have a Rolex, Omega or Panerai, this link will help you Read More

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Rolex Submariner

June 21, 2011 Ray 0

I have a love hate relationship with Rolex Submariner’s I think they are great watches but I “hate” them because every man and his dog has one, so much so that I was sitting in my office one day in 2010 and in the course of about an hour, no less than 3 co-workers walked by my office sporting Submariners. This encouraged me to trade in the Submariner I had for a gold and stainless steel GMT Master the next day. Problem solved (or so I thought)…. I was in Saigon over the weekend and came across the watch pictured above. It Read More

My Blog on Watches

June 14, 2011 Ray 20

Hi! For those of you who know me well enough, you will know that I have an interest in watches. I am not an expert or a high end collector. Over the years however, I have bought, been given, traded or sold more than 400 watches and recently this interest was re-ignited after having to do some paid market research on prestige watches. This coincided with me sending an email yesterday to about 10 friends on buying watches in Asia (including Australia). I based this on first hand experience which has been gained in a number of Asia Pacific countries Read More

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What Watch Should I Buy?`

June 14, 2011 Ray 3

Friends who hang out with me know I am not shy about sharing my opinions. In the research I have been doing this past month, my belief that you should buy the watch you like (if you can afford it) has been re-affirmed. For example on a recent holiday to Bali, my sister-in-law Jo, saw a picture of me wearing one of my all-time favourite, daggy watches – A $20 Casio Calculator Watch and made a comment about it on Facebook. I have had at least 2 of these watches in my lifetime and can’t see my self ever not owning Read More

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Interesting Website

June 14, 2011 Ray 1

Came across this website by chance. Looks interesting and definitely requires more ‘reasearch’ I wonder if something like this will work in this part of the world?

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