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Seiko Marinemaster

January 2, 2015 Ray 0

Because of Simon, I’ve started looking a lot more closely at Seiko watches these last few months. This latest acquisition was purchased from a contact that was made off the Rolex Forum. Readers will know that I am quite cynical about paying more than $1000 for a watch that is not an Omega or Rolex so when I was asked to pay that for a Seiko I was quite hesitant. I changed my mind as soon I got my hands on the watch. The build quality is almost as good as that of a Rolex. The clasp is probably the Read More

Orient Bambino – Thai version

January 2, 2015 Ray 4

Readers know that I like the Orient Bambino and a few of my friends like Alex, Mohan and Andrew have ended up owning one based on my recommendation. I have however always held off owning one myself and aside from the fact that prices have slowly been creeping upwards these last few years, I am glad that I did. We were in Bangkok last week for a short break and I just walked into this watch shop in MBK on a whim and saw this limited edition Bambino for sale. It was the rose gold version and I bought it Read More

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Hamilton Watch

December 21, 2014 Ray 2

Hamilton is a brand that has slowly been gaining popularity over the years. Whilst this is a good thing, the negative is that you will be hard pressed to find a new Hamilton Watch for under S$1000 nowadays – where previously you could. What is a little odd though is that I have subsequently sold any Hamilton Watch I bought and now I do not have any. 🙂 DS and I were out a few months ago and we picked up this nice Pan-Europ for about $840.00. Nice daily beater that looks really unique. One of the questions I am Read More

Watch winder for manual watches

November 14, 2014 Ray 0

I do own a watch winder but I only use it on occasion as part of a process to test if a watch is keeping time. Automatic watch winders can be had for as little as $50 but I read the other day about a watch winder for manual wind watches which I thought was unusual. The Orbita Sempre is, according to the company that produces it, the only such winder on the market. It is intended to wind, without ever overwinding, virtually any manually wound mechanical watch. The Orbita watch winder accomplishes this feat with a system of precision Read More

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Buying, Selling and collecting watches

October 13, 2014 Ray 8

Whilst I have not been posting on the blog, I have been quite busy with a few projects. Just bought another Japan, Monster posted on the Rolex Forum that was less than a month old for about 75% of the brand new price. We also have a couple of genuine Swiss Mickey Mouse watches in for repair, a Seiko Chrono from the 70’s and a Seiko Diver’s watch. It is still quite cheap to get a watch repaired in Singapore but prices are creeping up. A regular ‘3-hand’ watch still costs about $40 but a chronograph will set you back Read More

Would you buy a Tag Heuer?

October 13, 2014 Ray 2

Hi Ray Always pleasure to read your blogs for a naive watch lover like me..I read somewhere your views that you are hesitant to pay more than 1000 for a Tag but I am really fancied by some of their chronos.. so would you stop me investing in Aquaracer? I Live in Singapore and slowly getting carried away by a good offer by Vincent watch shop here in Jurong.. looking forward to hear from you. Best Firstly, thank you to everyone who has been sending me messages even though I have not been updating the blog as well as I Read More


August 17, 2014 Ray 1

Some of you would have noticed this picture on the landing page of this blog. This is a picture of one of my cats, Tiga, a 7-year old tabby waking up from a nap on her favourite spot on the sofa. When we found her (or rather when she found us) almost 7 years ago we already had 2 other cats so we tried to find her a good home but called her Tiga (3 in Malay) until we could do so. She does everything ‘full-tilt’ and is a little minx and 7 years later she is very much a Read More

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Orient Mako v Seiko SKX007

August 17, 2014 Ray 2

Paul read my review of the Orient Mako and asked me whether I would choose the Mako over the Seiko SKX007. It is a tough call and at the end of the day it all depends on how you feel when you have the watch on your wrist. To me the Mako can be used both casually and in the office. The Seiko looks a little more ‘rough’ but it is also the quintessential Seiko Dive Watch. It also depends on whether these watches are worn on a rubber or steel band. I have never been a fan of the Read More

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Catch Up Time

August 17, 2014 Ray 1

Have been working on some commercial projects and travelling quite a fair bit so we had a backlog of watch projects that we finally got around to working on yesterday. The limited edition America’s Cup ‘6-hand’ Speedmaster you see here belongs to Oli. It has been sent back to Omega in Switzerland at least once before and has all sorts of things wrong with it. Looking at the patina on the dial and the insides, it is obvious what has led to it’s sorry state. The watch has had some serious water damage at some point in its life. Probably Read More

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Anthony Coundouris – Design Maketh Me

July 28, 2014 Ray 1

I was at a conference in Singapore recently and saw this chap wearing an unusual looking watch. On Day 2 of the conference we started talking and of course one of the first things I asked him was what sort of watch he was wearing. It was a carbon fibre Baldieri. What made the watch stand out even more was the strap the watch was on. It turns out that Anthony made the strap himself and is quite an avid blogger and (more importantly to me) has a keen eye for watches. Met him again a couple of weeks later Read More

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