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Where do I go to buy a Panerai?

March 2, 2014 Ray 0

Chou asked me a few days ago where he could go to buy a Panerai or PAM at a good price in Singapore. The places I would recommend to look would be Chuan Watch in the basement of Golden Landmark and Watch Link on the 3rd floor of Far East Plaza. Both sell new and previously owned PAM’s and as they are not authorised retailers it all depends on what they have in stock at the time. I was in Chuan Watch last week and they had a pretty decent selection on offer.

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Why an Omega Moonwatch?

March 2, 2014 Ray 1

Hi buddy, This may sound a little pretentious but I have now realized why I don’t find the moon watch that appealing ( I know we all have different tastes) but I just find it common XXXX has one for sale every second day. Which brings me to the million dollar question why do you find it so appealing? This is an email I received from one of our readers a couple of days ago as he knows I like moonwatches. The first moonwatch I actually looked at closely (and bought) was being worn by a French schoolteacher in Saigon, Read More

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March 2, 2014 Ray 2

This excellent ‘daily wear’ watch is 100% original and presents very well. If you are looking for a nice entry level watch to enter or add to your collectible and classic watch collection, this OMEGA certainly fits the bill. It has just been professionally polished and the bezel, dial and hands have the correct patina or signs of wear. Comes in a nice wooden box and accompanied with a 1 year warranty. Price : $1620.00    SOLD    

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LNIB Panerai Luminor Base PAM112

March 1, 2014 Ray 0

I will over the next few days and weeks be listing a few watches for sale. Today we have a LNIB, 100% Original 44 mm Stainless Steel Panerai Luminor Base: PAM 112.   Keeping perfect time, this watch is your Classic Looking Panerai, and features the Black Sandwich Dial, giving the numbers and indices a three dimensional appearance.  This watch features a Stainless Steel Case with minimal signs of wear, Exhibition Back, and Panerai OP X calibre Mechanical Movement.  The watch also comes with the extra Rubber Strap and tools for easily changing the band.  As can be seen in the Read More

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IWC Watch Catalogue

February 14, 2014 Ray 0

        NOS Official IWC 2007 Watch Catalogue in good if not excellent condition. Almost 300 high quality, printed pages with loads of excellent photos, bound in hard cover entitled “WATCHES FROM IWC 2007”. This is a “must-have” for IWC fans as you get to compare and see the subtle changes to the IWC range over the last few years. It is also good for confiming the exact age of a particular IWC model. Again this is one of the books I collected from the time when I used to be hired by watch companies to do research Read More

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Breitling “Quiz”

February 12, 2014 Ray 1

Just collected this Breitling that had been in the shop for repairs. It was dropped because it was not put away properly after it was used and needed a new crystal. It also needed to have the 6 o’clock marker re-attached after it had come loose in the fall. Project Cost – $15.00 It was not a complete waste of time as I had to drop of Gary’s much abused Rolex 6694 for a complete overhaul. When placed on a timegrapher, it was running fast at about 137 s/d. If this was my watch and if that was the only Read More

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Swatch keeps growing…

February 6, 2014 Ray 3

.. and to watch collectors, aficionados and smaller watchmakers, I do not necessarily see this monopoly of the watch industry and its Supply Chain as a good thing. Swatch, has for some years been the world’s biggest “watch maker”. They own more than 20 brands like Longines, Omega, Hamilton and Rado and continue to grow by buying out more and more of the competition. Swatch also owns the company that manufactures the famous ETA movement and have over the years restricted the sale of spares and movements wherever it could. This means that if you want to get your old Read More

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Seiko Kinetic watches do not reset themselves…

January 31, 2014 Ray 1

Chong came into the office the other day with a Seiko Kinetic Perpetual Calendar watch. It looked alright but the fact that it was a perpetual calendar watch was what made it interesting. Most perpetual watches costs thousands of dollars whereas this watch cost about $650.00 They have built-in sensors that tell the wearer if the watch has been inactive for at least 24 hours. If the watch senses this, it will automatically put itself in sleep mode. To awaken the watch, the wearer simply gives it a shake of the wrist, and it will automatically reset the time and Read More

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Manual wind Citizen watch

January 30, 2014 Ray 0

          Just listed another project watch on ebay. It is a CITIZEN manual wind parts or project watch. This is a an ideal parts watch although it can be restored. You will see in the pictures that it comes with a brand new crystal (as well as the original crystal) so if you do decide to restore it, it will have a brand new crystal to improve its appearance.. It has a complete movement and my estimate to get it up and running, in good working condition would be less than $40.00. The challenge though is that Read More

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Sandoz Submariner

January 30, 2014 Ray 0

        SANDOZ SUBMARINER parts or project watch looking for a new home.  Readers will know that I love Sandoz watches.   This is a watch that was used as a parts watch for other projects.     It is a complete watch and my estimate to get it up and running in perfect working condition would be less than $50.00. The challenge though is that the watch is not worth a lot more than that.    If you are interested in restoring the watch or if are looking for a project ETA movement to hone your skills on, Read More

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